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The answer to your question “how was your flight?”

A lot of you asked me how my travels from oslo to cuzco were last week. I replied by saying it was a nightmare and I would update my blog to save myself some typing.
I have been trying to avoid reliving that horrible experience for a while… but will update you now. ( I apologize for spelling errors, touch screen, bare with me).

I left Oslo for london gatwick on wednesday morning. My flight was delayed and I had to travel by bus from gatwick to heathrow so I was a little nervous but I planned well so knew I would make it.
I landed in gatwick, grabbed my luggage and bused to heathrow. I got to heathrow early still but when I checked in for my flights from london to cuzco they said I would need to find check in counters and get boarding passes for my flights from madrid to lima and lima to cuzco.
My flight to madrid was delayed and my flight was leaving in 30 mins for lima. In madrid, the aitport staff sent me from desk to desk to get a boarfjng pass at but no one would be there to help. Then someone showed up at the counter snd told me I had missed my flight. I got the gate number anyways and ran there. When igot to the gate, they were still boarding. The man ripped a strip of paper off another document and wrote a seat number on it. That was my boarding pass.
On my 12 hr flight from madrid to lima, I worried the same thing would happen because I didnt have a boarding pass and I had to pick up my luggage and check it in again.
When I got off the flight, I ran to customs and through to baggage claim which took forever. This airport was chaos. I had to leave the airport then re-enter to get my connecting flight. I was told to wait in a giant line to check in my bag when my flight was leaving in 30 mins. I had to tell the same staff 3 times that I was going to miss my flight if I waited in line before they told me I missed check in and had to wait for another flight.
They finally issued me another ticket 25 mins before it was departing. I once again had to run to security, wait in line then ho to the gate right on time.
I was happy because this was the flight paige was going to be on. I had her itinerary and was originally going to wait 30 mins at the cuzvo airport for her so this was perfect.
I got off the plane and got my luggage and did not see paige. So I figured she missed the flight too and would be on the next one.
I went outside to warn the driver but our ride wasnt there either! So I thought id call our ride to see what was going on and the airport phones were broken.
The passengers from 4 more flights from lima came and went, still no paige. I was beginning to freak out. This airport was literally one freezing room with no chairs or food or screens saying when flights would be arriving. I had no idea what to do or what had happened to paige or our driver. I was thinking morbid thoughts including plane crashes and me being stuck at that shack of an airport, at night, in that shady area, with creepy taxi men. At thus point I was stuck. Only thing I could do was tell a taxi to take me to an unknown agency address I had or wait for paige who might not even be flying to cuzco.

It had been 3 hrs of standing in the cold waiting in a  sketchy room when I found someone with a cellphone. I borrowed it to make a call. The volunteer coordinator told me paige had already been picked up. I was furious. Paige knew not to leave the airport without me, otherwise why did I wait there for 3 hrs. I was although relieved she hadnt died lol.
The coordinator apologized about the driver not being there and said he would be back to get me in 10 mins.
As I angrily waited there for the driver, I saw paige walk out of the airport. I was so confused, I thought she had been picked up.
Turns out, she had her own issues in the airport from hell (lima) and waited 3 hours for a flight she missed.

But then we got picked up and were together, alive. And cuzco is great.


Found some treats at the london heathrow pret a manger…. foreshadowing my meeting with paige godfrey today in cuzco

Creepin round the house this morning getting ready for my 2 day long commute from oslo to cusco… this toothpaste brightened my day. Cheers norway…to the best toothpaste ive ever used. Im going to steal it (im such a good house guest lol)

Selfies with the bride - in oslo

Prepping for maiyan number 3

Second round of mehendi

Did my own mehendi woooo

Ready to be fried

Fresh gulab jamuns being made! Yummm

Its maiyan timeee